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Hub New Music's Virtual Concert For UTC

Members of Hub New Music - from left, clarinetist David Dziardiel, violinist Alyssa Wang, cellist Jesse Christeson and flautist Michael Avitabile

The music they play is often called “classical” music, but that’s a misnomer.

Music composed in the 21st Century for musicians to play in the concert hall may utilize the same instruments in familiar configurations - trio, quartet, orchestra - but this is new music.

Hub New Music is a quartet based in Boston.

The four members are cellist Jesse Christeson, violinist Alyssa Wang,  clarinetist David Dziardziel (Jard Jeel) and flutist Michael Avitabile - who leads the group.

They played a virtual concert on UTC's website on Friday evening.

The week before the concert, Richard Winham talked to Michael Avitabile about the music they make - starting with how they make it.

The music is from a 10-part composition called Soul House, written for them by Robert Honstein.  The interview features Part 3:  “Alcove."

Watch the virtual concert here: