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Deborah Levine & Amy Wright

My guests for this Open Book are Deborah Levine and Amy Wright. Deborah Levine is the editor-in-chief of the American Diversity Report. She has written 18 books and, according to her biography, she has been a change-maker for a diverse world in challenging times for more than three decades. In fact for much of her life, Deborah has been living in her imagination just as she did when she was a little girl growing up on the island of Bermuda.

For the second half of the program, my guest is Amy Wright. Dr. Wright is a professor of English at Austin Peay University in Clarksville Tennessee. Like my other guest this evening, Deborah Levine, Amy Wright uses the study of language and communication to foster understanding. Her most recent book, Paper Concert, is a distillation of more than a decade of conversations with a range of writers and thinkers including Coleman Barks, Dorothy Allison, Dinty Moore, and Rae Armantrout. She asked everyone the same questions beginning with: When in your life have you felt freest, but her central question was who am I?

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