Richard Winham

Host & Producer

Richard Winham joined WUTC only 5 years after the station began broadcasting its unique programming in Chattanooga. He is an integral part of the team and bringing a mix of music, interviews with musicians and local influencers, and unique quality conversation to the Chattanooga community. His overall goal is to touch people and make them see the world differently. Music has the power to do that.

There are many ways in which Richard enhances the programming on WUTC. The first is his music show every weekday from 10am to 12pm where he showcases a wide variety of genres ranging from americana to alternative, blues, bluegrass to rock. You can expect to hear interviews with local, regional, and traveling artists who have sounds and stories of their own to share.

He also has a one hour show 4 evenings a week. Each evening is different and to listen you can click here:


  • Forever Bluegrass - Monday nights from 7pm to 8pm

    • Forever Bluegrass is a non-profit organization run by bluegrass bassist Boxcar Pinion's daughter, Cindy Pinion. Cindy collaborates with Richard, bringing in local bluegrass artists to play live sessions in the studio.

  • Barking Legs Spotlight - Tuesday nights from 7pm to 8pm

    • Barking Legs Theater is an intimate performance space featuring a range of music encompassing jazz, string bands, and instrumental virtuosi as well as theater and dance. Every Tuesday night Richard plays a recording of a recent performance in Barking Legs.

  • Writers in the Round - Wednesday nights from 7pm to 8pm

    • A Writers Round is traditionally a gathering of songwriters who take turns singing their songs. Richard puts a twist on this idea and invites writers -singers, songwriters, poets, novelists, storytellers of all stripes- to sit and share their experience. He handpicks creators inviting them to discuss their own and each other's writing styles and methods.

  • Live in the Library - Thursday nights from 7pm to 8pm

    • Utilizing the downtown Chattanooga Public Library’s new audio recording studio, Richard invites local and regional artists to play their music live in the state of the art studio. It's an opportunity to hear the best local and regional musicians playing a set of songs as if they were in a club or concert hall.

On Sunday nights Richard lends his time to local radio lovers who create their own shows aired once a month. Here is the list of the current Sunday night occupants:

  • Supersonic Soul Show - 1st Sunday of every month from 8pm to 10pm

    • Doug Cook plays two hours of soul jams mainly from the 1950s to 1970s.

  • Radio Theater - 2nd Sunday of every month from 8pm to 9pm

    • Performances of plays written by local and national playwrights featuring local actors and directors

  • Mountain Grass - 2nd Sunday of every month from 9pm to 10pm

    • Brian Hamilton plays bluegrass.

  • Dante’s Old South - 3rd Sunday of every month from 8pm to 9pm

    • Clifford Brooks collaborates with Richard bringing in local folk, country, and americana artists and poets, short story writers and novelists to share their work and talk about their process and inspiration.

  • Subterranean Outreach - 3rd Sunday of every month from 9pm to 10pm

    • Paul Jackson rediscovers old country, singer / songwriter folk music and brings it to the scene.

  • River City Sessions - 4th Sunday of every month from 8pm to 9pm

    • Michael Grey showcases Appalachian culture with poets, authors, storytellers and musicians live on stage.

  • Connect the Dots - 4th Sunday of every month from 9pm to 10pm

    • Chris Dortch and his son, Chris Dortch Jr., meticulously research and then have a free-form discussion on the DNA of rock ‘n’ roll. The duo pick a theme that unites songs together and then offer up great music with stories about the songs and artists.

Ways to Connect

Live In The Library: Paper Mache

Feb 7, 2020

Hara Paper, Cory French and Dustin French created folk rock band Paper Mache as a tribute to Chattanooga's late, beloved guitarist Hunter White.

They joined Richard Winham for this week's "Live In The Library."

"Live In The Library" airs Thursdays at 7 PM on WUTC. 

Poet Rachel Landrum Crumble - and yogi and philosopher Madia Swicord - join Richard Winham on this week's "Writers In The Round."

"Writers In The Round" airs Wednesdays at 7 PM on WUTC.

Forever Bluegrass: Blackberry Winter

Jan 28, 2020

Blackberry Winter presents music that pulls from and goes beyond the edges of their favorites in country, bluegrass, folk, and swing.

Featuring Eric Geissinger on dobro, Merielle Flood on guitar, Tommy Martin on banjo and Ginger Slack on acoustic bass, catch the band performing whatever music their hearts desire on this week's "Forever Bluegrass" with Richard Winham and Cindy Pinion.

Listen Mondays at 7 PM on WUTC.

Marcus Ellsworth from Barking Legs Theater brings Sherry Cothran - singer/songwriter, ordained minister and lead singer of former rock band, The Evinrudes - to share her unique sound ahead of performing at Barking Legs on Saturday, January 31st.

Later, Richard Winham is joined by two members of Visions of a Dream, an eclectic band with cinematic songs from blues to jazz.  Eric Sanders and Tony Tortora perform ahead of their show at Barking Legs on Wednesday, January 22nd.

"Barking Legs Theater" airs Tuesdays at 7 PM on WUTC.

Forever Bluegrass: Matt Downer

Dec 10, 2019

Matt Downer, Old Time Music musician and host of the annual Fiddle Convention, joins Richard Winham and Cindy Pinion for this week's "Forever Bluegrass."

Listen Mondays at 7 PM on WUTC.


Sandy Flynn - singer, songwriter and storyteller - plays guitar, with Owen Saunders on fiddle and his daughter Ella on mandolin, for "Live In The Library" with Richard Winham.

"Live In The Library" airs Thursdays at 7 PM on WUTC.

Writers In The Round: Julie Markey

Dec 5, 2019

Julie Markey - personal manager, booking agent and show promoter - is the owner of Red Tail Booking on Lookout Mountain.  She sat down with Richard Winham and brought along three acts she represents:  Mark Andrew, Gino Fanelli and Stephen Busie.

"Writers In The Round" airs Wednesdays at 7 PM on WUTC.  

Forever Bluegrass: Brian Blaylock

Dec 4, 2019

Brian Blaylock joins Richard Winham and Cindy Pinion for this week's "Forever Bluegrass"

Listen Mondays at 7 PM on WUTC.


Bruce Kaplan from Barking Legs Theater sits down with Richard Winham to discuss upcoming events - and share an excerpt from guitarists Gyan Riley & Shane Perlowin performing at Barking Legs in 2011.

"Barking Legs Theater" airs Tuesdays at 7 PM on WUTC.

This time last year EsDEX, a local charitable organization, organized a clothing and blanket drive for Chattanooga’s homeless. They invited people to drop off winter clothes and blankets through the month leading up to Christmas. A few days before Christmas the four partners in EsDEX and a group of volunteers packaged the donations as gifts and handed them out to the homeless on the street. It was so successful they want to expand it this year. Erwin Davis, one of the partners in EsDEX, talked to Richard Winham about their plans.