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“Hip Hop Is New Urbanism” As A Design Lesson For Cities

Bruzenksey Bois
Jeff Fay / People Places

Hip-hop was born in the city - a cultural product of its socioeconomic time.

Now, what first took shape as a music genre a half-century ago, and what it has inspired since, has something to say about cities today - and what cities can be.

Bruzenskey Bois is a real estate investor and developer in Tampa, Florida.

A few years ago, Bruzenskey - a first-generation Haitian American - joined People Places, a real estate development company.

He manages more than six million dollars in commercial and multifamily real estate assets.

Next week, Bruzenskey will visit Chattanooga - as the first speaker in this fall’s CIVIQ series presented by Chattanooga Design Studio.

His talk - “Hip Hop is New Urbanism” - is on Thursday, September 29th at Waterhouse Pavilion in Miller Plaza, starting at 5:30 PM.

I spoke with Bruzenskey - and the Studio’s David Chalker.

More information about Bruzenskey Bois at CIVIQ next week is available at the Chattanooga Design Studio’s website, chattanoogastudio.com - and on eventbrite.com.

Bruzenskey Bois at CIVIQ banner.
Chattanooga Design Studio

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