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Ride The See-Saws And Carry The Lanterns At Rock The Riverfront

Impulse see-saws in Dallas.
Impulse see-saws in Dallas.
Scogin Mayo, courtesy of the Dallas Arts District.
Impulse see-saws in Dallas.

You like see-saws that emit light and sound?

How about a parade of lanterns?

The see-saws are an interactive art installation known around the world as “Impulse.”

The lanterns will be the stars of the Light Up Chatt Parade.

The see-saws and the lanterns - and plenty more - are all part of Rock the Riverfront, a new monthlong festival in downtown Chattanooga that starts on Friday.

Marcus Ellsworth is program manager at River City Company.

TJ Hanretta and Andrea Zoppo with Playful Evolving Monsters are preparing for the lantern parade on Saturday - and a few giant puppets.

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