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Hashe's Debut Novel 'Ex-Club Tong Pang' Combines Comedy, Crime

In the relatively short time she has been in Chattanooga, Janis Hashe has realized several of her goals, including establishing a repertory company that has presented a number of Shakespeare's plays in a variety of locations such as Coolidge Park and Grace Episcopal Church. She also works as an editor for local weekly The Pulse, and teaches classes on theater at Chattanooga State. But one goal has eluded her for a long time. Long before she ever moved to Chattanooga, Janis Hashe began working on a novel, a lighthearted mystery called The Ex-Club Tong Pang. There were times when she despaired of ever finishing it, let alone getting it published. She finished writing it a number of years ago and had sent it to various publishing houses without any luck, until now. A publisher here in Tennessee, Twilight Times Books, has published it as an e-book, and in December they're publishing the paperback.