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Second and Third Hand Smoke is Dangerous

Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department

The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department is warning people of the dangers of smoking around children and infants through a billboard campaign. 

Smoking in a car or truck provides limited ventilation and exposes infant and children to second hand smoke, effectively exposing them to everything the smoker is putting into their own bodies.  Third hand smoke is the toxic chemical residue that accumulates on objects exposed to tobacco smoke.  This will remain even after all evidence of smoke has cleared the air and is particularly toxic to small children and infants because they are more likely to put objects in their mouth.  Smaller children and infants also have less tolerance for toxins.  

The goal of the current billboard campaign is to reduce or eliminate use of tobacco in enclosed spaces around children and infants.  The optimal solution is for everyone in the family to quit smoking altogether.  Information about smoking cessation can be found online and at the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department

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