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Stroke Tech Powered By Robotics, Ultrasound - And A.I.

Imagine technology that combines ultrasound, robotics and artificial intelligence to detect brain damage in stroke victims - and to detect holes in the heart that could be corrected with surgery before causing a stroke.

Physicians at the CHI Memorial Stroke and Neuroscience Center here in Chattanooga - part of CommonSpirit Health - are now using the technology, known as robotic transcranial Doppler ultrasound from NovaSignal.

The results so far: improved outcomes for stroke patients - and three times better than conventional heart testing.

Dr. Thomas Devlin is physician executive of Neurosciences at CHI Memorial and medical director at the Stroke and Neuroscience Center.

Dr. Thomas Devlin
CHI Memorial
Dr. Thomas Devlin

For more, visit CHI Memorial at memorial.org.

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