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Israeli Military Cites Success; Missiles Continue

After more than three weeks of fighting, the Israeli army says it has destroyed Hezbollah's infrastructure in southern Lebanon, including its capacity to launch rockets into northern Israel.

But Hezbollah continues to hit Israel with hundreds of rockets each day. And its guerrilla fighters have made it difficult for thousands of Israeli troops to gain ground inside Lebanon.

International pressure continues to build for a cease-fire, but Israel's leaders say they will not stop fighting until their goals are achieved.

Right now there is no certain prospect, let alone a timetable, for deploying such an international force into southern Lebanon.

In the meantime, the war between Hezbollah and Israel is steadily widening, with more and more Israeli troops moving deeper into Lebanon, with no letup in air strikes -- and no curtailing of Hezbollah rocket fire.

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Mike Shuster is an award-winning diplomatic correspondent and roving foreign correspondent for NPR News. He is based at NPR West, in Culver City, CA. When not traveling outside the U.S., Shuster covers issues of nuclear non-proliferation and weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, and the Pacific Rim.