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"Scenic Roots" offers conversations that matter in the heart of Chattanooga and the Tennessee Valley.From the mountains to the river, our conversations are rooted deep within every corner of our community - reflecting who we are, who we were and who we can become.We engage with the news that affects our community, behind and beyond the headlines. We build bridges that span from creators and innovators to storytellers and the outdoors. We focus on our challenges as many communities in one - as we celebrate what inspires us. We resonate with countless voices - in words and spaces, sounds and songs.We are "Scenic Roots."Ray Bassett hosts and produces "Scenic Roots" at WUTC.

“Hand to Mouth” - Labor Through Movement At Stove Works

“Field Holla”- a 2016 still photo by Todd Anthony Johnson, part of “Hand to Mouth” at Stove Works in Chattanooga.
Stove Works
“Field Holla”- a 2016 still photo by Todd Anthony Johnson, part of “Hand to Mouth” at Stove Works in Chattanooga.

If you visit Stove Works in South Chattanooga, you’ll find contemporary art nestled where manual labor once assembled cast iron stoves.

“Hand to Mouth” is a multimedia exploration of labor and physical movement that opens there on Friday as one of four new exhibitions.

TK Smith - curator, writer and cultural historian based in Philadelphia - is the curator for “Hand to Mouth.”

Caroline Gikas is Director of Exhibitions at Stove Works.

TK Smith
Zorn B. Taylor
TK Smith

Ray is the host and producer of Scenic Roots, Mondays - Thursdays at 3 PM on WUTC.
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