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(Audio) Portrait of the Artist: Sculptor John McLeod


  In a studio up a winding hilly road in Red Bank, John McLeod creates sculptures that are featured at several Chattanooga locations including Rock City Gardens and the Sun Trust building on Market Street.

McLeod’s new work "Accord" is featured at the lululemon entrance of Warehouse Row. Two pieces made out of metal bars that have been bent and painted sit on either side of the entrance.

McLeod is an avid rock climber as well as an artist.  He says that with "Accord" he hoped to express the sense of wholeness and spirituality that he gets from climbing.

"To me," he says, "there's a parallel to that and the sculpture I did for them. You know, it’s about an upward outward motion. There's tension in the pieces, and there’s elegance in the pieces as well, and also hopefully a tranquility in them. So the idea of 'Accord' is that the piece expresses a mind body and spirit experience."   

John McLeod at work in his studio.