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The Dead Deads Bring a Hard Rock/Metal/Grunge Dance Party to Riverbend


Nashville band The Dead Deads will perform Saturday at 7:45 p.m. on the TVFCU during Riverbend.  A high-energy mix of grunge, rock, their music is both aggressive and fun.

From their Web site:

A supergroup formed from members of The Wolf Sisters, PRIM! and Catfight in the summer of 2013, this powerhouse of live performance is based in Nashville, Tennessee. The musical influences of the group vary from girl to girl, but the common thread is drum-based rock bands like The Melvins, The Foo Fighters and Torche. Audiences may be curious as they see five girls with X’s over their eyes set up amps and tune guitars, but once the wall of sound washes over them, they forget who they were there to see and are spirited away into the dark and magical world of The Dead Deads.


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