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“Stories Of Resilience” From Chattanooga’s Alton Park

A street sign in Chattanooga’s Alton Park.
2$ON The Prince / stories-of-resilience.com
A street sign in Chattanooga’s Alton Park.

If you’re looking for “Stories of Resilience,” you’ll find them in Chattanooga’s Alton Park.

The audio / photo series - curated by the artist 2$ON The Prince - features conversations with three men from that neighborhood.

On Tuesday, “Stories of Resilence” premieres with a panel discussion and a community gathering - starting at 5:30 PM - at the Mountain View Car Wash and Detail at 3701 Alton Park Blvd.

I spoke with 2$ON The Prince - and Daniela Paz Peterson, senior advisor for community strategies at The Trust for Public Land.

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