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Author Margaret Renkl on “The Comfort of Crows: A Backyard Year”

A quote within a drawing from “The Comfort of Crows.”
Spiegel & Grau

Seasons and cycles abound in life, in nature, in stories.

Margaret Renkl captures their rhythms in her new book, “The Comfort of Crows: A Backyard Year,” published by Spiegel & Grau.

Renkl, author of the bestselling book “Late Migrations” and a New York Times columnist, lives in Nashville.

Margaret Renkl
William DeShazer
Margaret Renkl

On Monday, November 6th, she comes to Chattanooga for an outdoor evening at the Riverview Park Amphitheater at 1000 Barton Ave, starting at 6 PM - presented by The Book & Cover.

Cover of “The Comfort of Crows:  A Backyard Year.”
Spiegel & Grau

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