Rebuilding an Old Trail

Sep 11, 2015

The Southeast Conservation Corps partnered with the National Park Service to rebuild the historic Blue Blazes Trail at Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park this summer. 

Southeast Conservation Corps workers starting their morning at Moccasin Bend Park from left to right: Keith Dawson, Marcellus Hatten, Karl Fritz, Addison Whitacker, Jamontae Wickley, Erin Grace Walden, Angie Langevin, and Michael Meredith.
Credit Rabbit Zielke

Team leads Michael Meredith and Angie Langerin on the trail.
Credit Rabbit Zielke

Under the leadership of Michael Meredith and Angie Langerin a group of teens ages 16 to 18 spent their summers working in the forest.  Some of the new skills they acquired included building bridges, creating paths over wetlands and trimming a lifetime's worth of privet.  My guests on this segment include:

  • Kim Coons - Park Ranger
  • Michael Meredith - lead
  • Angie Langerin - lead
  • Marcellus Hatten
  • Keith Dawson
  • Jommontae Wicklet
  • Erin Grace
  • Karl Fritz