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"Scenic Roots" offers conversations that matter in the heart of Chattanooga and the Tennessee Valley.

From the mountains to the river, our conversations are rooted deep within every corner of our community - reflecting who we are, who we were and who we can become.

We engage with the news that affects our community, behind and beyond the headlines.  We build bridges that span from creators and innovators to storytellers and the outdoors.  We focus on our challenges as many communities in one - as we celebrate what inspires us.  We resonate with countless voices - in words and spaces, sounds and songs.

We are "Scenic Roots."

Christone Kingfish Ingram

On this week’s Talking Writing, Richard Winham sits down with blues guitarist Christone "Kingfish" Ingram.

Rising Rock logo
Rising Rock

Here on our campus, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, there is a class for storytellers called “Rising Rock.”

  • UTC’s Billy Weeks and his “Rising Rock” class of storytellers.
  • These voices - and more - on this edition of “Scenic Roots.”

Richard Winham shares a performance by Shawn Perkinson on guitar and Alan Wyatt on saxophone at Barking Legs Theater in Chattanooga.

HCS EdConnect
HCS EdConnect

Thank you to so many of you for your support during WUTC's One-Day Pledge Event on Tuesday, helping us to achieve our goal for the day - and then some - by raising more than 11,000 dollars.

  • Voices of HCS EdConnect on WUTC’s One-Day Pledge Event.
  • Barking Legs Theater:  Shawn Perkinson and Alan Wyatt
  • These voices - and more - on this edition of “Scenic Roots.”


Terry Klein
Terry Klein Music

Richard Winham shares part two of a virtual performance by Terry Klein - an Americana artist based in Austin, Texas - from the Mountain Spirit Acoustic Series for the Isis Music Hall in Asheville, North Carolina.

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Blood Assurance

On Thursday - a week before Thanksgiving - Blood Assurance is holding a Thanks for Giving blood drive in Chattanooga and beyond.

Caitlin Stanley is with Blood Assurance.

A CARTA bus in downtown Chattanooga
Visit Chattanooga

One thing that can make cities livable for everyone in and around them is good public transportation.

A new study led by a Vanderbilt University professor will examine Chattanooga’s transit system - known as CARTA - to find cost-efficient ways to connect public transportation with underserved communities.

  • UTC Prof. Chandra Ward on mobility for all in transit.
  • Caitlin Stanley on Blood Assurance’s drive on Thursday.
  • Mountain Spirit Acoustic Series:  Terry Klein / Part II.
  • These voices - and more - on this edition of “Scenic Roots.”