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It’s Owned by a Church, but The Camphouse isn’t a Christian Coffee Shop/Listening Room

For the past three years, The Camphouse has slowly been growing its reputation as both a gourmet coffee shop and an ideal listening room for acoustic music.

Located in an old warehouse on Williams Street on Chattanooga’s thriving South Side, The Camphouse serves as both a chapel for The Mission Church of Chattanooga (on Sundays), and as a gourmet coffee shop during the day Monday through Saturday. Every evening (except Sunday) it is one of a number of new spaces in Chattanooga featuring both local and touring musicians. The emphasis is one acoustic music both because the acoustics of the space are ideal for it and because, as director Matt Busby put it, they want to be “good neighbors.” They are located off Main Street in one of a number of old warehouses many of which have been converted to condos.

When Richard Winham talked to Matt Busby, he was equally enthusiastic about the music  and the musicians he is championing every evening and the gourmet coffees he serves every day.