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Author Interview: Brian Tucker's 'Pokeweed' Is Illustrated YA Lit


Chattanooga author Brian Tucker joins us to discuss Pokeweed, his new illustrated novel for young adults. Fast-paced and compelling, the coming-of-age story is both grim and rewarding.


It’s 1888, in Hazard, Kentucky… What will one day be known as The French-Eversole Feud (due west of the notorious Hatfields & McCoys) has ignited. Teenager Ezekiel Snopes must recover quickly from the loss of his younger sister—gunned down by a greedy feudist. He must now decide if he wants to live or die, remain at home, or, take a stand against such lawlessness in the Appalachian hills. Regardless of what he does, the feud wages on… This is a real period of American history. And Ezekiel Snopes is just unlucky enough to be born in the midst of it.