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If These Walls Could Talk … At Standard Coosa Thatcher Mill

Inside the Standard Coosa Thatcher Mill site.
Kerry Hayes / Coeo Public Affairs
Inside the Standard Coosa Thatcher Mill site.

It’s a piece of Chattanooga’s industrial past - where the yarn that was spun from cotton spanned generations of families.

Once upon a time in the last century, the Standard Coosa Thatcher Mill - a textile factory - employed thousands at 1800 South Watkins St. in the Oak Grove neighborhood.

The Mill site covers 350,000 square feet - and its buildings are still structurally sound, though marked by the elements and vandalism since they became vacant in the early 2000’s.

Now, there are signs of artistic life at the Mill as The Pop-up Project gathers stories, photos and other memorabilia from the community for a performance series at the site in September that will capture the legacy of the Mill, its workers and the neighborhood.

The series is sponsored by Collier Construction, which acquired the Mill and surrounding property three years ago - and is now considering possible redevelopment of the site as work on the larger Mill Town development continues.

Jules Downum and Maggie Waters are with The Pop-up Project.

People who have stories, photographs or other memorabilia related to the Mill can contact The Pop-Up Project by calling 423-402-0205 - or email MillTownStoriesCHA@gmail.com.

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