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Chattanooga's Most Successful Kickstarter Campaign Ends


In late June of 2013, Jason Griffey, a librarian at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, began a Kickstarter campaign for LibraryBox 2.0. LibraryBox is described as a device that can "share files with anyone, anywhere, off the internet, even off the power grid."

Working like a thumb drive with a wireless connection, LibraryBox can distribute files to anyone with a wi-fi capable device such as a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or personal computer.

With an initial goal of $3,000, the campaign ended on July 28th. LibraryBox made its $3,000 and then some.

The final amount donated to LibraryBox was $33,119, ten times its original goal. It is now the most successful Kickstarter campaign started in Chattanooga. Jason Griffey claims part of the success for the Kickstarter campaign came from  a write-up on popular blog BoingBoing. 

With his Kickstarter funds, Griffey says he will begin testing new features on the LibraryBox such as solar power.

LibraryBox's final results on Kickstarter