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Burning Season Is Underway, But Permits Are Needed in Hamilton County

Air Pollution Control Bureau

The Air Pollution Control Bureau for Chattanooga and Hamilton County is responsible for issuing individual permits to burning leaves and brush for seasonal burning

There is a ban on burning of all types from May 1 through September 30.  Individuals or businesses wanting to burn brush or leaves on their property must apply for a burning permit through the Air Pollution Control Bureau.  People burning brush outside of the burning season or without a permit may face fines up to $25,000 per day.  Having a permit does not automatically mean you can burn brush whenever you want.  There are times when burning is banned even during the regular burning season.  You can get information about burning bans or authorized days by calling (423) 643-5971.

You can download the permit to print and take to the bureau, fax in the permit application, or complete the form in the offices of the Air Pollution Control Bureau.  There are application fees for the permit that vary based on location.   Call (423) 643-5970 to report illegal burning or for more information on how to obtain a permit.

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