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Reverend Freakchild

The Reverend Freakchild has been a guest both in the studio at the radio station and the downtown public library. To be honest I prefer hosting the always garrulous Reverend in the studio in the library because he plays a lot more music when he is in the studio by himself. When he's in the radio studio with me he tends to talk more than play and while his uber-caffeinated, free-style reflections on any number of topics are always entertaining, there's no substitute for The Reverend Freakchild and his guitar. If you're familiar with him, you know what I mean, but if you're lucky enough to be hearing him unleashed in the studio for the first time prepare for the hurricane.

Check him out here.

Richard Winham joined WUTC five years after the station began broadcasting to the Chattanooga area and the Tennessee Valley.