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Preserve Chattanooga: The Historic River-to-Ridge Area Plan

Part of a map from the Historic River-to-Ridge Area Plan.
Part of a map from the Historic River-to-Ridge Area Plan.

Our guests: Todd Morgan, director of Preserve Chattanooga – and Dan Reuter, City Planning Administrator and Executive Director of the Regional Plan Association, funded by the City of Chattanooga and Hamilton County with additional funding from other jurisdictions.

Here in Chattanooga, the historic River-to-Ridge Area – generally bounded by Missionary Ridge and the Tennessee River – represents 17 diverse urban neighborhoods with a distinct history.

These were the first streetcar neighborhoods in Chattanooga – and many served as the birthplace for early African-American settlements in this city.

Today, some of these neighborhoods are experiencing a resurgence – as new residents and families from all walks of life “move back to the city” to enjoy the unique historic character and conveniences of this area.

Two years ago, the Historic River-to-Ridge Area Plan was officially adopted – meant as a guide and a resource for the many stakeholders whose decisions ultimately set the direction for this area.

We focus on the plan for our final conversation in our series with Preserve Chattanooga, the historic preservation nonprofit in this city.

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