Scenic Roots Special: A Forever Moccasin Bend Conversation

Dec 22, 2020

On this special edition of "Scenic Roots," we bring you "A Forever Moccasin Bend Conversation" - with former Congressman Zach Wamp, Mickey Robbins, Sally Robinson and Tricia Mims of National Park Partners. 

Moccasin Bend from Point Park on Lookout Mountain
Credit National Park Partners

Here in Chattanooga, "Forever Moccasin Bend" is the fundraising effort led by National Park Partners - starting with "Opening the Gateway" - that will add park and new visitor amenities at the District's Gateway Site.

Former Congressman Zach Wamp led the eight-year effort in Washington to create the District back in 2003.

Another person who knows well the history of Moccasin Bend - and has helped to shape what it is today - is Mickey Robbins, now on the board of National Park Partners.

And for decades, Sally Robinson has played a key role in revitalizing Chattanooga’s downtown and riverfront development - including three terms on the City Council and the long road to Moccasin Bend today.

They joined me for a conversation - along with Tricia Mims, executive director of National Park Partners.