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Last Chance to See 'Monster Fish' at TN Aquarium


I grew up in Chattanooga hearing rumors of Volkswagen-sized catfish swimming in the river near the dam, and I'll admit it: I was naive enough to think that such tales were unique to my hometown. It turns out people have been saying the same thing for decades in locations all around the South.

So are they just rumors? Zeb Hogan, host of Nat Geo Wild's Monster Fish, decided to search for VW-sized catfish in Chattanooga during an episode of his show. He joins us to talk about what he found.

Also, he's talking about a special exhibit at the Tennessee Aquarium based on his show.

"Monster Fish: In Search of the Last River Giants" features life-sized replicas of real underwater giants, hands-on exhibits, and video installations.

If you want to see it, hurry--it's here 'til March 1st, 2017.