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Polar Biologist Discusses Effects of Climate Change on Polar Regions

Dr. Jim McClintock has spent so much time studying life in Antarctica that they named McClintock Point in his honor. 

In his book Lost Antarctica – Adventures in a Disappearing LandMcClintock documents decades of the study of marine biology along the Antarctic coast. 

Dr. McClintock was in Chattanooga at the Tennessee Aquarium discussing changes he has studied in marine biology and the geography of Antarctica.  The loss of habitat and changing climate is threatening species that live in the far reaches of the southern most continent.  Historically, the extinction of animals can often be tied to changes in the climate which can drastically change the delicate environment in remote regions.  The movie Titans of the Ice Age currently showing at the IMax Theater takes viewers back when wooly mammoths and cave bears wandered the icy plains of North America.  Climate change and human encroachment eradicated their habitats and the same threat is currently facing creatures living in our polar regions.

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