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Listening to the Lake Sturgeon in the Tennessee River

Tennessee Aquarium

Several Lake Sturgeon have been tagged with special markers that can be tracked with new technology added to the Tennessee Aquarium's River Gorge Explorer and listening devices along the Tennessee River. 

The Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute , TNACI, has been working to bring back Lake Sturgeon to the Tennessee River as part of the "Save the Sturgeon" program.  These river giants can grow more than 9 feet long and weigh in as much as 275 pounds.  They can also reach 100 years of age and haven't changed much since the time of the dinosaurs but they had disappeared from the Tennessee River by 1961.  For the past 15 years TNACI has been working with other organizations to bring back this amazing animal and have released more than 150,000 Lake Sturgeon to the Tennessee River.  Last month 57 sonic tagged Lake Sturgeon were released into the river and can now be tracked via the 29 receivers located between Knoxville and the Nickajack Dam.

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