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Tembi Locke On Her Memoir “From Scratch” - And Caregiving

Tembi Locke
Tembi Locke

(aired Thu 6/23/22)

Tembi Locke is the author of “From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily and Finding Home.”

A New York Times bestseller, the cross-cultural love story has been adapted for a limited series on Netflix, due for release this year.

“From Scratch” tells the story of how Tembi fell in love at first sight with Saro, a professional chef, on a street in Florence, Italy - how his traditional Sicilian family disapproved of his marriage to Tembi, a Black American woman and actress - how the couple and family reconcile just as cancer strikes Saro - how Tembi cares for Saro through his illness - and then, how she and the daughter adopted by her and Saro journey to Sicily and spend time with his family after his death.

Next week, Tembi will share her experience as a caregiver as the keynote speaker at this year’s Embrace Aging Forum - Tuesday at The Westin Hotel in downtown Chattanooga.

For more information about the Forum, visit EmbraceAgingForum.Com.

“From Scratch” cover
Simon & Schuster

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