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Peers Under Pressure

Peers Under Pressure is a Signal Mountain band made up of five friends - Tess playing guitar, singing, and writing the songs with Ava who plays drums with the band. Tate, the guitar player was recently joined by Abigail playing second guitar. Rylan is the bass player. He’s been studying cello since 4th grade. He brings melodic ideas developed while playing cello to his electric bass playing with the band.

The music is a punky indie rocker’s grab bag of originals along with songs they all love. They’ve been playing together as a band for a little more than a year, but they’ve already written several catchy songs including one about the very new problem of whether and how to respond to an unsolicited text.

Richard Winham joined WUTC five years after the station began broadcasting to the Chattanooga area and the Tennessee Valley.