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"Scenic Roots"  which airs weekdays from 3 PM to 4 PM - offers conversations that matter in the heart of Chattanooga and the Tennessee Valley.


From the mountains to the river, our conversations are rooted deep within every corner of our community - reflecting who we are, who we were and who we can become.


We engage with the news that affects our community, behind and beyond the headlines.  We build bridges that span from creators and innovators to storytellers and the outdoors.  We focus on our challenges as many communities in one - as we celebrate what inspires us.  We resonate with countless voices - in words and spaces, sounds and songs.


We are "Scenic Roots."



  • Ray Bassett is the host of "Scenic Roots"   produced by Haley Solomon, Karley Dodson and Will Davis.

( BoulderFest )

3 hours ago

  • Sara McIntryre & Nathaniel Bankhead of Crabtree Farms on permaculture.
  • Robyn Carlton & Zachary Lesch-Huie on the Wauhatchie BoulderFest.
  • Jennifer Pharr Davis, hiker / author / National Geographic Adventurer.
  • These voices - and more - on this edition of "Scenic Roots."

Ray Bassett is the host of "Scenic Roots" - produced by Haley Solomon, Karley Dodson and Will Davis.

A Meetup For Making Films

Dec 3, 2019

If you want to connect with people who make films, a gathering here in Chattanooga this evening is for you.


The Filmmaking Network Event takes place at The Edney from 5 PM to 8 PM:  open to people who work in front of, and behind, the camera.


De’Armond Toney of Blue Horoscope Entertainment is organizing the event...

On The Alum Cave Bluff Hiking Trail

Dec 3, 2019

In the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the Alum Cave Bluff Hiking Trail.

Gina Stafford can tell you plenty about it.


On this campus, Gina is Assistant Vice Chancellor for Communications and Marketing - and she stopped by “Scenic Roots” to share her experience on the trail...

MainX24 In Chattanooga's Southside

Dec 3, 2019

Chattanooga’s Main Street and surrounding Southside are getting ready for this year’s MainX24 Festival.


The 24-hour street party begins Saturday with a pancake breakfast at 6:30 AM - through Sunday with the Neon Masquerade at 2:30 AM.


Kelly Allen is a volunteer with the MainX24 Committee...

Learning The Science Of Relaxation

Dec 3, 2019
The Chattery

The holiday season can be full of stress.


Here in Chattanooga, Debbie Parsons is teaching a class this week called “Relaxing 101:  The Science of Relaxation.”


It takes place tomorrow night - from 6 PM to 7:30 PM - at The Chattery...


Cassandra King Conroy's "Tell Me A Story"

Dec 3, 2019

In modern Southern literature, the late Pat Conroy remains a leading - and legendary - figure.

His widow - Cassandra King Conroy, a best-selling author in her own right - has written a memoir, “Tell Me A Story:  My Life With Pat Conroy.”


What began as a friendship between a literary icon and a debut novelist became a tentative, long-distance relationship between him in coastal South Carolina and her native Alabama - and ultimately, they married.


Scenic Roots - Tues 12/03/19

Dec 3, 2019

  • Cassandra King Conroy's memoir on her life with Southern lit icon Pat Conroy.
  • Debbie Parsons on relaxation. // Kelly Allen on Chattanooga's MainX24 Festival.
  • UTC's Gina Stafford on the Alum Cave Bluff Hiking Trail. // De'Armond Toney.
  • These voices - and more - on this edition of "Scenic Roots."

Ray Bassett is the host of "Scenic Roots" - produced by Haley Solomon, Karley Dodson and Will Davis.

Lisa Pinckney and Anna Flint
StoryCorps / WUTC

Today on Tennessee Valley StoryCorps, Lisa Pinckney tells her daughter, Anna Flint, about Anna’s great grandmother. 

Tennessee Valley StoryCorps brings you conversations from people who went to the StoryCorps recording booth in Chattanooga's Miller Park in the spring of 2019. You can subscribe to the Tennessee Valley StoryCorps podcast on iTunes or Google Play and never miss an episode. This series is produced and edited by Will Davis and made possible, in part, by EPB Fiber Optics.